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Why Solar?

Why Solar?

Because the Sun Will Never Raise Its Energy Rates to You

Five Reasons You Can Count On.

  1. Enjoy Savings Every Month A solar energy system powers your home or any business so you use considerably less electricity from the public utility.
  2. Protect Yourself from Rate Hikes Offset inflationary energy prices and unpredictable utility rate hikes by generating your own free power.
  3. Convert Your Energy Expense Into Profits For commercial properties, going “green” not only reduces your expenses and operating costs, but is also a great source of public relations and an excellent marketing tool. Your state’s public utility rebates and the federal government’s tax credits can help pay for a substantial percentage of your system and installation. Imagine watching your electric meter spinning backwards as you sell energy back to the grid.
  4. Increase Your Property Value Solar is an intelligent upgrade that makes your home or business more valuable and desirable. It’s no secret that businesses and homeowners are increasingly making their buying decisions based on environmental responsibility.
  5. Be Part of the Renewable Revolution Generating electricity from solar energy means less consumption of fossil fuels, reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emission. By switching to solar power you will proactively combat global warming AND reduce dependence on foreign energy resources. Solar energy panels require little to no maintenance, and will provide electricity cleanly and quietly for the next 25 to 30 years.

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