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Financing Solar

The Most Affordable Financing that You’ll Find!

Easy payments are less than your current montly electric bill. By financing your own system you receive all the benefits.
Let us help you find the best way to get solar panels on your roof or property.

Buying Solar can be accomplished in one of four ways. A minimum FICA Score of 620 is required.
1. Straight purchase
2. Loan
3. Lease
4. PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)



Product Warranty- Offering the industry’s only 25 year product warranty • No warranty restrictions for coastal applications.

Performance Warranty- Lowest guaranteed degradation rate in the industry • Minimum 87% of original performance in year 25, compared to industry standard 80%

Daystar Solar Systems Warranty- 12 year warranty for workmanship

Some panels also carry a 3rd party warranty: Guaranteed by AIG or Powerguard

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