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Have You Read the Small Print in Your Electric Bills?

FACT: Your electric bill will go up!

BE SMART. Choose Daystar Solar Systems today and capitalize on the most cutting edge and environmentally responsible alternative energy solution. Changes made NOW will protect your bottom line and fix your energy costs in the future. Save up to 100% of your electric bill.* Excess electricity can even be sold back to your local utility company. What was once very costly, is now an affordable option because of the numerous Federal and State incentives. Financing plans are available for both residential and commercial installations.

Go With A Trusted Source for Your Solar Energy Solutions

Our family has been in the energy business serving the Mid-Atlantic region since 1936. We have served the community with home heating and commercial oil, gas and diesel fuels, HVAC, plumbing, refrigeration, and now Solar Thermal and Solar Electric system design, installation, and financing. We are a member of Penn Future, the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). Our experienced team of qualified solar experts, certified electricians and installers will design a system around your current energy needs that will also accommodate future power demands.

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